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Dark Town (Pizz. strings) Dark Town (Pizz. strings)

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Very cool

If I ever make another flash, I'd love to use this.

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Mary Jane...Revisited Mary Jane...Revisited

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Interesting effect

I like the little riff at the end with the guitar. Nice lyrics, but don't know how I feel about the pitching of the vocals and there's a bit of background fuzz on there that you coulda probably got rid of, but overall nice effort.

RNR responds:

I'm glad you liked it! The guitar part at the end was an improv. I myself liked the reversed guitar at the beginning. It sounded great and was used as a great build-up.

I wrote the lyrics when I was high (hence the name) the lyrics are probably the most creative lyrics I have ever wrote. The lyrics are:

The birds are flying to the treetop
Up the little willows
I think I'm gonna go in crazy
It's been a prank's joint
Up and down the low point
The disease is hidden in my sleeve
My mission, go and retrieve
The illness in my blood
I'm hanging out at my exit
No-one comes in
Not nobody

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